Mntain Country Park & Using Horse Country Club

A true from the beaten path getaway, Batch Country Farm is located in White Region, North Carolina approximately one hour east of Charlotte. It truly is truly an escape. Unlike lots of the large, string restaurants that populate much of the landscape today, Mountain Country Farm will serve mainly outdoor dining. Whilst they offer a number of fine dining options, the main objective of their menu is southern inspired cuisine, which is both comforting and delicious.

Owner Jerry Rinec wrote the original menu in 1984 and has continued to keep it because of this. Today, he farms by himself land and serves up to six full-service restaurants. The dining room is definitely huge with wood floor surfaces and large home windows overlooking the fields that feed in to the kitchen. There are various large solid wood burning fireplaces in the living room along with plush comfortable seats. While the dining area is not quite not too young to seats everyone, it truly is cozy and perfect for gathering around a table.

The farm kitchen offers a range of breakfast things as well as a full menu of lunch and dinner options. There are clean produce pieces and even a gift shop where one can buy a number of the farm’s finest goods. This can be truly a one of an kind dining experience and you should come back again for more of what this place provides.

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